Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Recently watched The Woodsman, this drama featuring Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick --- pretty good and heart-wrenching. It's a story about a newly-released sex offender (read: Child sex offender) re-adjusting to society and battling his inner demons (read: not molest some kid again).

Pretty serious and "real" in every sense of the word, as the movie doesn't go all the way biased about the issue, rather gives the character depth by giving all sides and reactions of people around him. It's a quick one too (an hour and a half), filled with interesting camera shots and well, some interesting editing. :-)

+ + +

On a lighter (though a bit morose tone) note, i also got to watch Finding Neverland. It's about James Barrie's relationship with his muses for Peter Pan --- a family of boys and a widow (played by Kate Winslet). With them, he gets to play pirates and indians, walk the plank and dance with fairies.

Sadly, i never got to see the ending since the disc was scratched (aww!) but it did make me wanna bawl my eyes out in some parts --- that Johnny Depp is one amazing actor (not to mention darn sexy --- at 40 at that! Raawrr!)

Note to self: MUST finish the movie!

+ + +

I am not much into doing anything these days. The weather is so hot (yup, i surrender to the heat) i can barely manage to get out of the office (ironic, since i feel like i wanna kill myself sometimes when i'm inside --- it sucks looking at progress bars). *sigh* I am constantly thirsty, tired from all the mental activity from work and strangely lethargic from the heat. Argh.

Like today. After doing chores and going about much needed household work, i took a break and took a "nap" --- which was about 4 hours. Blame it on the heat, hormones, the afternoon, whatever. I was just soo tired! *sigh* I was all ready to do a lot of things, like go to the gym, have dinner somewhere, watch a movie with Jason --- but poof! all that was done and over with when i closed my eyes.

I feel like i am watching my life slip away before my very eyes.


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LemonCloud said...

The weather here is pretty hot too. But recently it rained so not so bad. I'm the same too. Heat make me sleepy and slow in my thinking and reaction. Fortunately there is some thing called the aircon. I guess I'm spoilt.

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